Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Welcome to Parent and Family University!

This course, designed exclusively for the parents and families of Northern Arizona University freshman students, is finally underway!  The first course, Coaching Your College Student 101, will assist parents and other family members in learning effective practices in mentoring and coaching their students.  It will also guide them through issues associated with freshman transition into college.  
Blog posts will be made weekly and group members will be able to interact with each other to share their experiences.  All comments are welcome, however, we ask that everyone be respectful.  If there are pressing concerns and issues, please do not post them on the blog.  Instead, call Parent and Family Services at 928-523-6267 or email us at
We look forward to this new program and hope that it is useful to parents and other family members.

Crystal Nance
Parent and Family Services Coordinator

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