Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Double Dose: A Parent & Alum Shares His Love for NAU

(pictured left to right) The Dwyer Family: Dugan '16, Tim '84, Tracee '84 and Maddie '13

I love NAU for a number of reasons………..

It started after high school graduation with several of my buddies planning on attending NAU.  I had had a little too much fun in high school and needed a special favor called in from my principal to get accepted to NAU – with the promise to him that I would graduate in four years…………I did!

Many of the people I met while at NAU are my best friends today, including my wife, Tracee (’84 Dental Hygiene).   She was a member of a sorority and a little sister of the fraternity I belong to.  We’ve been married for 25 years.

Our NAU experience was so rewarding that when our oldest child, Maddie, was trying to figure out where she wanted to go to college, we introduced her to the NAU campus.  I’m sure the countless stories of our great NAU times that she heard growing up had a little to do with her decision to attend NAU.  She will graduate in 2013.

Keeping the tradition alive, our son, Dugan, now a senior in high school, will be attending NAU next fall.  He’s anxious to try out his new snowboard and embrace everything NAU has to offer. 

Finally, when I meet someone and the conversation reveals that both of us are Lumberjacks – there’s always a special bond, a camaraderie, that is only available to people who are True Blue.

Oh, and one more thing, you can always count on an NAU grad.  My best friend, Scott Hanson (’83 Journalism) helped me write this.

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